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Annie and Dave Ducharme-Jones' new album spotlights their American rock roots sound.  click here for article 

New Music from Ducharme-Jones


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New Music Ducharme-Jones/Unbroken, available January 26, 2021


DES MOINES, Iowa. - Ducharme-Jones/Unbroken is the third album from husband and wife songwriters Dave and Annie Ducharme-Jones featuring eight originals and a cover of Angel by Jimi Hendrix. The songwriting of Ducharme-Jones crosses genres, crafting songs that are lyrical with a little hook to captivate and create a connection between the artist and their audience. Each song on the record has a little piece of Ducharme-Jones history and heart, and like their other albums, melodic guitar tones and warm harmonies are prominent.  The  co-produced collection was recorded in Des Moines, Iowa at their home studio, engineered by Dave Ducharme-Jones (lead guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards), with Annie Ducharme-Jones (vocals and rhythm guitar), Scot Sutherland (bass), and Jimmy Stevens (drums and percussion); in addition, Matt Cullen (Guitar) lends some intergalactic guitar layers to the Hendrix cover, and Al Kabela (Pedal Steel) brings some cosmic cowboy pedal steel magic to several tracks. Recorded at the onset of the pandemic of 2020, Unbroken provided a creative outlet during quarantine and lost opportunities to perform.


Ducharme-Jones live performances are dynamic, engaging and feature talent from the Des Moines area known for their musicality.  Dave Ducharme-Jones leads the band (lead guitar, lead vocals, harmonies) with co-writer and co-producer Anne Ducharme-Jones (rhythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonies), and band members Scot Sutherland, (bass guitar and Iowa Blues Hall of Fame Member), and Jim Stevens (drums and percussion).  


Ducharme-Jones/Unbroken is an independent release, available through iTunes, Amazon, all major download and streaming sites, CD Baby, and www.ducharmejones.com.  


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