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 New Live Album
Live From Dogtown!

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Live from Dogtown at HearNow

“Live music is better.” - Neil Young. 


Live music is better because it captures the energy between band members inspired by a live audience in a collective effervescence that you can only feel if you are there. 


Ducharme-Jones Live From Dogtown was recorded at Des Moines music venue xBk Live in the heart of the Drake Neighborhood, captured during multiple performances between March 2022 and April 2023. Live From Dogtown features 10 tracks including seven originals from their prior three studio albums and three covers including “Russians” by Sting, “Angel” by Jimi Hendrix and “Little God” by Patty Griffen. The genre-bending selections showcase the breadth of experience of these award-winning players and the dynamic improvisation that has come to define every live performance. The  ensemble features vocals & lead guitar from Dave Ducharme-Jones; vocals & rhythm guitar by Annie Ducharme-Jones; Scot Sutherland on electric bass; Tanner Taylor on keys; Jim Stevens on drums & percussion; with additional appearances by Ben Mars on bass, Gabe Scheid on flute, and Amanda Nichole on violin. 

Vagabonds & Poets
and Strangest Things 

          Available Now   
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Vagabonds and Poets is an independent release, available Tuesday July 30, 2019 through all
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Ducharme-Jones' new album spotlights their American rock roots sound.  click here for article 
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