TruBank Winter Concert Series at The Oskaloosa Art Center with Ducharme-Jones Band, Saturday March 30, 7-8:30pm. Join us for a full band performance.  The show is FREE and All Ages are welcome. BYOB, soft drinks and popcorn available.

Ducharme-Jones will appeal to listeners with an appreciation for an Americana Genre, upbeat lyrical songwriting with a little hook, and Dave’s signature guitar style with influences from rock, modern country, blues and roots. 


    Ducharme-Jones/Strangest Things

Ducharme-Jones Strangest Things is a collection of thirteen original songs best described as roots-rock, vocally  driven, lyrical, with a strong hook and melodic guitar. Co-written by David and Anne Ducharme-Jones, the songs relate stories of two people who know each other’s heart and they are purposely eclectic in their approach to writing as they cross musical genres creating a sound all their own. Taking inspiration from writers like Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, and John Hiatt these tracks will appeal to listeners who love to sing along, as well as those with an appreciation for Dave’s sophisticated guitar stylings. He incorporate elements of rock, blues, modern country, and roots-rock.


This record became more of a departure from David’s last few projects when Annie joined him in the studio and they began to discover a new facet of their relationship as co-writers and performers. Their long partnership accounts for the ease in which they write together with both equally contributing music and lyrics. David decided to rename his band Ducharme-Jones (from David Ducharme-Jones) to reflect the current direction of their music. Ducharme-Jones Strangest Things (2016) is a follow up to David’s previous releases A LOUD Guitar (2012) and Weeds (2009).


Recorded with the hope to capture as much of a live sound as possible, and with the addition of just a few embellishments, Ducharme-Jones tried to keep the tracks as honest and close to the sound you hear when the band performs in local clubs in their hometown Austin, Texas. Ducharme-Jones Strangest Things is available worldwide on iTunes. CD’s and downloads also available at CD Baby and www.ducharmejones.com